I Am Academy of Learning Overview


Under the Prenda model, I Am Academy will provide our scholars with a 21st century academic experience while focusing on problem-solving, communication, goal-setting, growth mindset, teamwork, self-directed learning, and creativity.  

We want our scholars to see themselves as learners that will build confidence and skills to succeed not only in the classroom but in life.  Here, our scholars are in complete control of their own learning experience!  The learner is the doer, mover, and becomer! 

When you trust the student and allow them to set their own goals, manage their own time, and own their learning, you EMPOWER them!  We believe that when adults lead by example and ask more questions than they give answers, strong relationships, trust, and respect is developed.

Our Prenda Micro school gives a completely new take on what school looks like.  We will not only provide flexible learning environments that combine strong academics, caring and inspiring social communities, along with project-based learning experiences but also the opportunity for students to become empowered learners and discover whom they are after the I Am. 

An empowered learner makes the choice to learn. Learner focus on hard work required in order to develop the skills and habits that are necessary to learn. In our model, students will take total responsibility for their own learning style, unlock hidden potential, and see the amazing results!                   Welcome to I Am Academy of Learning!!